About BIG AL'S Elvis World

What is Big Alís Elvis World?

Well itís a little hard to put into words. Big Alís has had an adventurous journey to get to where it is today. In 2004 we started off as Big Alís Warehouse, it was an empty factory unit adjoining my business Hazelton Air Compressor Services in the Western suburbs of Sydney. I bought this unit to store my many Yamaha Motor Bikes. Yamaha played a major role in the forming of Big Alís. It produced wall to wall motorcycle memorabilia and received much recognition from the Yamaha Corporation itself.

Before long it became Big Alís Clubhouse where it achieved its notoriety by so many. Today Big Alís Elvis World is a very different place it still has a hint of Mororcycle memorabilia and itís shrine to Valentino Rossi but today itís very Elvis orientated. It now holds claim to Australiaís only dedicated Elvis World. Big Alís walls and ceiling are adorned with Elvis, Elvis & more Elvis.

We now proudly bare the name of Big Alís Elvis World, because anyone that knows me knows that it is my world. Big Alís proudly boasts the recognition and support from Australiaís top Elvis Tribute Artist as well as many of the Overseas ETAís. To have these amazing artists perform within the walls of Big Alís is one of my proudest achievements and it would never have been possible without the amazing friends that support us. Big Alís Elvis World is the world of manyÖ